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Site Standards 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to be worn on site at all times. 

We operate a standard 5 point PPE as minimum compliance. 

If the correct PPE is not worn you may face disciplinary actions. 

Areas within site may be set up for different PPE requirements, such as hearing protection zones, for high noise areas or fire-retardant coveralls for hot works, or impervious gloves for handling chemicals. Specific requirements will be sign posted as required and any displayed information should be adhered to at all times. 

The standard 5 points for PPE are as follows: 

1) Hardhat 

Maximum of three years old and not decorated with stickers or graphics unless specifically designed to be placed on hardhats. 

2) Glasses 

Free from deep or severe scratches and worn at all times, not dangling around the neck or placed on top of hardhats. 

3) Hi-visibility vest 

Twin stripe around the waist and worn correctly, not knotted at the sides or cut at the bottom. 

4) Protective gloves 

Task specific where required. Free from damage or alterations, such as cut off fingers. 

5) Steel toe and mid-sole lace up safety boots 

In good condition, with no excessive damage or fraying to the material, compliant with EN ISO 20345.

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