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The Erith Group is committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way.  The company Chairman has demonstrated this commitment by signing the Erith Group Environment and Sustainability Policy.


Our Environmental Management System is accredited with ISO 14001.


This section of the induction will give you a broad understanding of

why the environment is important to the business and the potential impacts from our activities as well as our legal responsibilities. 

The Environment and Sustainability team are available to provide support and guidance to ensure we maintain our high standards of environmental performance and compliance. The environmental team can be contacted using, or

We also operate a sustainable travel initiative, which is designed to give each project the various options for travel to and from site. Details of travel plans are included in the site induction and displayed on the wall in the welfare areas. 

Sustainable travel plans for the offices at Erith House, Anchor Bay Wharf and  St Johns Street have been included below, with site travel plans displayed on the projects information board at each site.

Should you require sustainable travel plans for a specific site or project, please email the SHE-Q team with your request. 

Should you require any additional support the SHE-Q and ETL teams can arrange or provide training which cover a range of areas. If as part of your role, you handle or use chemicals, ensure that you review the COSHH safety data sheet for that item and receive the appropriate training from your Manager as well as any necessary spill kit training. 

“All employees on their part are encouraged to contribute actively towards achieving a working environment that is free of environmental incidents, accidents and impacts to the environment and climate, as well as share and promote opportunities where environmental risk is identified.”

What is Sustainability 

What is sustainability? 

'Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need'. 

We operate an Environmental and Sustainability policy which is reviewed annually. We ensure that materials are reused where ever possible and that the effect we have on our natural resources is minimal. 

Our sustainability embeds our vision of protecting our natural environment, supporting responsible economic growth whilst improving the quality of communities in which we work.


As a company we try and recycle everything, including the re-use of materials on site. 

When working at one of our offices or when out on site, pay attention to the recycling systems that have been set up and aim to reduce wastage as much as possible by recycling materials in the correct way.

Remember, if something is not in use, turn it off to save energy. 

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