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Company Procedures 

We all have a certain 'way' of doing things. 

The company is no different and our procedures set out the process that is undertaken when completing various tasks.

By following the set procedure and process, we ensure that we are not only compliant with best practice and industry standards but also our legal and moral obligations. 

Currently the company operates an integrated management system comprised of 19 core procedures, supported by health, safety and environmental guidance. 

Our company procedures can be found in the 'Key Business Information' on the Ezone landing page. It is essential that you familiarise yourself with these during the first month of joining the company.

These are reviewed and updated regularly in line with business needs. If at any point you need a procedure updating to reflect changes in a process, contact your Manager or a member of the SHE-Q team.

Company policies and procedures can be accessed via the landing page on Ezone, in the Key Business Information area as pictured.

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