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We place certain expectations on those who represent the company, details of which can be found below, but whilst we have certain expectations of you there are also a number of things you can expect from us. 

If you are in any way unclear about what is expected from you, please talk to your Manager for greater clarification. 

What we expect from you: 

  •  To arrive on time, well presented and with a positive attitude. 

  •  To maintain good standards of personal hygiene and ensure your attire is clean and well maintained. 

  •  To support others and encourage those around you. 

  •  To work as part of the team.

  •  To ensure that your behaviour and conduct is beyond reproach. 

  •  To work with honesty, integrity and with respect for those around you. 

  •  To uphold the Erith core values. 

  •  To follow our procedures and systems. 

  •  To notify us of any changes in your circumstances. 

  •  To assist us in our continued growth. 

What you can expect from us: 

  •  To be treated fairly.

  •  Not to be discriminated against.

  •  To be treated as one of the team. 

  •  To be respected.

  •  To be paid as per the terms of your contract.

  •  To receive training and career development.

  •  To receive guidance, support and knowledge.

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