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First Aiders 

General First Aid


Each of the offices and all of our sites have a number of designated first aid trained staff. These are there to act as an initial point of contact for minor issues, including slips, trips, falls, cuts, grazes, twists, sprains and strains as well as stings, bites and all other minor afflictions. 

A poster will be displayed in the office area with the pictures and contact details of your areas first aid trained staff.

In the event that you need to contact a member of the first aid team, please use the contact details provided or alert a colleague or Manager to your requirements.

For those suffering from allergies or those that require the use of an EpiPen in a medical emergency, please ensure that your Manager or a colleague know the location of this so that this information can be passed on to a member of the first aid team.


Please ensure that epipens are accessible should the need arise to obtain it in an emergency. 

Mental Health First Aid 

Mental Health is as important as physical health and as a company we recognise the importance of good mental health. 

Should you ever wish to discuss your mental health, in confidence, with a trained person or support service, please use the contact details provided. 

In house, trained, mental health first aiders: 

•Cherrie O’Kane - Community Liaison Officer 

•Andy Stanford - Compliance Manager 

•Jordan Wells - H&S Lead (London) 

•Scott Dawson - Contracts Manager 

Should you wish to contact a mental health first-aider, please call the office on 0370 950 8800 and ask to be put through to one of the above people or contact your manager for further details.

Look out for these logos on the 'meet the team board' at projects and around the office to identify who your Mental Health First Aid trained staff member is. 

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