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Ezone is the main company portal for accessing and storing company information. It is designed to be your first port of call for all your needs.  Ezone contains all the information you will need.  As a company rule all the information that you want backed up must be uploaded to Ezone, we will not take responsibility for files left on a company machine that is not backed up onto Ezone.

Integrated Management System (IMS) 

The company uses an Integrated Management System (IMS) which is accessible via Ezone. 

Our IMS is comprised of policies, procedures and guidance documents, backed up by individual forms. 

Ezone is used as a document storage portal which enables us to communicate our documents to all staff and ensures that the most recent versions of these documents are used by the site teams. 

On the landing page of Ezone (Pictured) is a section called 'Key Business Information'. Here, you will find policy, procedure and guidance registers which provide links to the most recent and up to date versions of the documents. 

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