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Lily Glover

Site Administration

Erith strive to eradicate the typical stereotypes associated with construction being a male- dominated environment, and encourage as many female employees as possible on board.


A particular example of this approach can be seen from the experience of a current employee, Lily Glover. Lily joined Erith in March of 2016 as a site administrator for one of Erith’s ongoing jobs at Aylesbury Estate. Three years on, Lily has now progressed into overseeing up to 22 regional sites per week. On all sites, Lily is paired with a Site Foreman to shadow, learn and develop as an individual gaining confidence and a broader array of skillsets. Following her successful placement, Lily is now quickly working towards her end goal of becoming a project manager for Erith Group, and her managers have no doubt that she will fulfil this goal very soon.

Jodie Shephard

Assistant Transport Manager

"I've worked for the company for little over 10 years now and in that time I've worked in many different areas. 

There's always room to move and grow within this company and I enjoy the variety of opportunities that are available to me. 

I started my career here working for the remediation side of the business, before moving into procurement and more recently in the haulage division. 

It's nice to have so many friends and colleagues throughout the various departments and businesses and enables me to network with people from a wide range of professional backgrounds".

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