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Dress Code

The way you dress plays a big part in how you, and we as a company are perceived by clients and visitors. We have a number of clients and potential clients visiting our head offices and sites where we showcase our work and our various divisions.

It is expected that you arrive to work clean, tidy and presentable with a high standard of personal hygiene.


Professionalism is key.

Policy brief & purpose

Our company dress code policy outlines how we expect our employees to dress at work. Employee's should note that their appearance matters when representing our company in front of clients, visitors and other parties. An employee’s appearance creates a positive or negative impression that reflects on our company and culture.


This policy applies to all our employees.

Policy elements

These dress code rules always apply:

  • All employees must be clean and well-groomed. Grooming styles dictated by religion and ethnicity are not restricted.

  • All clothes must be work-appropriate. 

  • All clothes must project professionalism. Clothes that are too revealing or inappropriate are not allowed.

  • All clothes must be clean and in good repair. Discernible rips, tears or holes are not allowed.

  • Employees must avoid clothes with logos that are offensive or inappropriate.

What is Business Dress Code?

Our company’s official dress code is Business / Smart Casual, but this will be dependent upon your role. Please confirm your departments dress code with your Manager. 

An employee’s dress code may differ depending on their job role. If employee's frequently meet with clients for example, they should conform to a business dress code.

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