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Step up reward scheme 

SURS Cards enable us to have a clearer idea of what is going on and provide a mechanism for feedback and ideas. 

SURS cards can be completed for anything, ideas, suggestions, positive and negative findings on site or at our offices. 

"If you report it, we will sort it".

Every site has a SURS card area, a displayed poster, the cards, a tablet or QR code and a place to submit completed cards in. 

Each month the site team review the observation cards, which get uploaded to Ezone as part of the monthly returns.

The site manager will choose the winner, who will be rewarded with an Erith branded Scratch card which will have a prize of £30, £50 or £70! 

This is a HMRC registered scheme and you're winning will be paid with your monthly salary or expenses tax free. 

For your chance to win, ensure you complete a SURS card on site. 

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