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A ‘Best Practice’ document will be issued to those members of staff that will be interacting with the company’s Procurement Department as part of their role.


Below is a brief summary of the content:


Section 1.


1a. COINS Requisitions


  • The business operates a construction industry specific software package, COINS, which is utilised by project personnel for requisitioning materials/services (but NOT plant and subcontractors at present) and this is mandatory for all projects. Whilst the use of COINS is bringing efficiencies to the overall process it does require a more accurate approach to the information provided from site at time of Requisition. Initial training and ongoing guidance will be provided for relevant staff.


1b. All Other Requisitions


  • For any matters not captured within the COINS Requisitions process (i.e. plant requisitions and subcontractor instructions) –


The preferred methods for placing requisitions is via COINS (for materials/services) or by email to (for plant and subcontractors) but in the event these facilities are not available on your site, verbal requisitions may also be accepted. However, any issues relating to communications MUST BE REPORTED to the ICT Department at your earliest opportunity.


Telephone contact details for relevant members Procurement (including the hire team) will be provided in the ‘Best Practice’ document.


Section 2.


Call-Off Orders


It is the responsibility of site/project personnel to call-off their ongoing requirements direct from site as necessary. However, an initial order MUST be raised by the Procurement Department so the supplier has an order number to quote thus ensuring the smooth processing of invoices. If a supplier is requested to provide goods/services direct from site without an order number, the invoice will be returned to them.


Every order raised by Procurement is copied-in (via email) to the site/project personnel placing the order and published to the relevant project on Ezone so there should be no excuse for not having contact details for the relevant supplier. Additionally, for COINS orders, details can also be found by clicking the ‘Ordered’ link next to the relevant Requisition which will take you to the order raised against it.


Section 3.


Appointment of new suppliers / subcontractors


It is vital that all new suppliers / subcontractors go through the appropriate approval procedure prior to orders being issued. If you are aware of an upcoming requirement that cannot be covered by an existing supplier / subcontractor, please ensure Procurement are made aware of an appropriate contact email address so the approval procedure can be commenced. No orders will be raised with new suppliers / subcontractors until the approval process has been completed.


Section 4.


Procedure 10


IMS Procedure 10 identifies the responsibilities of each individual employee in relation to purchasing and supplier approval. This document is relevant to anyone involved in the procurement of materials/goods/services for the business. The document can be found on Ezone.


The Procurement Department exists as a site support service and as such will provide training/guidance on any areas of query. However, we rely on the co-operation of project personnel to ensure we are providing the most efficient service we can. Please help us to help you.

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