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“We had the opportunity to design the training programme, knowing full well what the demolition industry needs to enable the guys to come on site and start working from day one.”

Erith and The Passion Project 

Erith are a founding partner of the Passion Project and a specialist contractor in construction. The construction sector is currently worth £90bn to the British economy. Recently, however, it's experienced a severe skills shortage with one in three job vacancies unfilled – traditional employment routes aren't making the cut. As a result, employers like Erith are now looking at alternative ways to strengthen their workforce.

Which is where the Passion Project come in. In 2016 we worked with the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) and DIVERT. Together we helped create eleven new apprenticeship opportunities for Erith's demolition division. We also sourced a number of suitable candidates to fill them.

Creating new employment routes with the help of the Passion Project enabled Erith to build a workforce tailored to their needs. One which was trained in the way they wanted. Crucially, we also provided all of the apprentices with emotional intelligence training and support. This helped them stay motivated and make the most of the opportunity.

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