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Induction Certificate 

Now that you have completed your induction, you can fill out your completion certificate and save the file to your desk top. 

Once complete you must then upload your certificate to your personal working files on ezone. Instruction on how can be found below. 

Step 1 - 

Open the word document to the right and fill out the required details including name and date of completion. 

Step 2 - 

Save the certificate to your Ezone working files.

To do this, go to 'file' in the top right, click 'save as', then select a location by choosing 'browse' save in the folder ''. 

The file will now appear in your working files when you open up your personal area on Ezone. 

Step 3 - 

Send a copy of the certificate to your divisions training coordinator so that it can be uploaded to your personnel file on Ezone.

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