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  •  Erith are committed to high standards at all levels. 

  •  We strive for improvement by learning from others and sharing knowledge. 

  •  With inspections, forward thinking and training, we can ensure that we deliver the standards that our clients have come to expect. 


  •  Erith recognise that behaviour of our workforce on site is pivotal to our reputation. 

  •  Our Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that no person is discriminated against and everyone is treated fairly and equally. 

  •  We respect the views and opinions of all staff and contractors and actively seek their feedback.

  •  Environmental impacts are considered as part of each new project. This ensures our activities are mindful of our neighbours and our impact on the environment and natural resources is minimal. 



  • Erith recognise that the strength of our business comes from collaborating with our staff, partners and suppliers.

  • Progression is achieved through encouraging team work, sharing knowledge and striving for a healthier work environment for all in our industry.

  • Erith promote collaborative platforms to encourage feedback.


  •  Erith appreciate that to achieve the best standards, we must provide a good working environment and deliver a quality product. 

  •  Behaviour is a key part and you can support this by challenging any poor behaviour and only undertake tasks that you are trained to do. 

  •  Promote what is right, do not follow others behaviour just because you believe it is the norm. 

  •  Erith's ethos is one of continuous improvement within all areas of health and safety. 

  •  Using the model 'Plan, Do, Check, Act' and building on our Safety 24:7 ethos enables us to take advantage of new initiatives. 

  •  Working with new technologies and practices we can ensure that we remain a market leader. 

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